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The Islands

There are few places wilder than Little Rat, a small island in an archipelago off the coast of Western Australia. Beautiful, harsh and lonely, the landscape is still haunted by the many ships that have wrecked on its reefs across the centuries. 


Yet it is here that the Saari family try to build their future, thousands of miles from the cold lowlands of Finland. 

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Lines to the Horizon

From Gold Coast surf culture to the life and death relationships of humans to the sea; from surf travel in Mexico to Taj Burrow’s final campaign in Fiji, this collection features six authors writing about surf, and the ocean, in six very different ways. Their stories are reverential, energetic and mystical and between them cover thousands of kilometres of coastline, at home and away.

Image by Mario Mendez

Birden (Extract)

Birden is a creative non-fiction portrait of a bird enthusiast from the far south coast of NSW. The piece was published in the 2013 UTS Writers Anthology, and again in 2021 in the 35th anniversary edition.

“Strongly written, deeply felt, original.” 


—  Tegan Bennett-Daylight

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